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How to Create a Cozy and Stylish Lady Loft

Just like men need their caves, ladies need their loft! The Lady Loft is an exclusive haven where the lady of the house can socialize with friends, family, and business associates or unwind in solitude. For example, this chic, tropical oasis was created to engulf the lady of the house and her company in elegance and comfort. The curvilinear furniture selections and layout influences group gatherings for work and social activities. To bring outdoor vibes in, pay special attention to how natural elements can be used through combining abstract layers of nature in the furniture, fixture and finish selections. From the pendant light that cascades like water to the nature inspired color palette and the banana leaf floor lamp, this space was made to contribute to any users mental and physical wellbeing. Shiny finishes provide a polished elegance without impeding on the comfort of the space. This loft was made for ladies by ladies!

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