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  • How unique is your selection & the items you provide us?
    Every project is 100% unique to our clients. We design specifically for your aesthetic, lifestyle and overall needs. Unique, exclusive or one-of-a-kind selections fall within the art, accessory and decor layer of each project which is the fingerprint of each client space.
  • In the event an item is sold out when we are ready to purchase what would be the next step?
    In the event an item is out of stock, you should reach out to your Designer ASAP via your Design Files account letting us know which item is out of stock. Your Designer will check on when the item will be back in stock and if the lead time is unsatisfactory, your Designer will re-source a similar item. This service is included as part of your post-design service so it’s imperative to follow-up at your earliest convenience to avoid delays in completing your project.
  • With the shopping list you provide, do you also provide vendors where we can find the items?
    Yes. You will be provided with links to all vendors (with the exception of some custom and trade-only orders if applicable) where you can complete your purchase directly with the vendor.
  • We need help with construction documents and permitting. Should I book an e-Design Package and will it cover advice & recommendations for the layout & materials?
    Yes. Advice and recommendations will also be visually communicated via floor plan drawings and Design Boards. Please schedule a 15-min complimentary consultation to discuss your project with us in further detail. An e-Design package may, or may not, be the best solution for your project goals.
  • Are the vendors wholesale vendors or retail?
    PWID sources from mostly retail vendors for e-Design Classic and Lite packages and you will have the ability to order (or not order) from your shopping list once sourcing is complete. Some clients opt to order in the middle of the project, while completing Design Phases with their Designer; others order everything once the design is complete (riskier for low stock or favorite items); while a few use the shopping list as inspiration to do their own shopping at places like Home Goods, At Home or Tuesday Morning. PWID tends to source from trade-only vendors for custom and more exclusive pieces as well as e-Design Luxe packages. Keep in mind, this depends on your budget and which price point you would like to stay around for each space. Some spaces like the living area, master suite or home office may need special attention.
  • With the 4-8 week post design support, when does that start if our design phase won’t begin until about 10 months?
    Post-Design support does not begin until you have approved Phase 3 and your Designer delivers your final floor plan with installation instructions. For example, if your project does not start until November 1, 2021 and we complete your design on December 20, 2021, you post-design support would begin on December 21, 2021. You will receive notifications to help you stay on top of the expiry date.
  • Which design styles does PWID do?
    PWID influences a modern design aesthetic. We tend to lean toward bold color palettes, eye catching art, clean balance and minimalist form. PWID loves to work on projects with Mid-century Modern, Industrial, Scandinavian, Bohemian, and Contemporary Chic styles; however, we can execute any design style. Just keep in mind your finished design will be blessed by PWID.
  • I have a list of upgrades & variations I want the builders of my new home to incorporate; however, I wanted to get a designers point of view on the list. What do I book for this?
    If you just need a point of view, tips, advice or opinions, book a 1-hour consultation. You Designer will send you tips on how to prepare for your meeting once it’s booked so you can get the most out of your 1 hour session.
  • How long does it take to complete a project?
    Each custom project is unique and can take anywhere from 1 month to 2 years to complete. Please contact us to discuss your project and we'll provide a more accurate design timeline. e-Design projects can be completed* in the time specified below: - e-Design Luxe | 4-8 weeks - e-Design Classic | 2-4 weeks - e-Design Lite | 1-2 weeks *Contingent upon active Client approvals and communication.
  • What makes PWID different?
    Pamela Williams Interior Design understands more than how to make a space "look pretty". Creating spaces to inherently feed our client's mental health is what we stand for. Combining dynamic interior design elements and principles in a way that stimulates a mood, or productivity in a space, drives our design development practices. It excites us to help our clients live an elevated quality of life by being the guide in creating alignment between client needs and a happy, healthy environment. Our studio's design techniques and theories are widely based on how Color Theory, Motivational Design, Lighting Design and form affect human well being.
  • Where do you source products from?
    We source products from a large catalog of vendors with varying price points. Many vendors are to-the-trade only while others, such as World Market, are accessible to the public.

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