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Saved in the City


Reference your Shopping List using the scroll bar attached to each Design Board.

Installation Instructions for each space can be found in your Final Design Package linked below:


A fun and inviting space for users and guests to congregate, converse and fellowship. The accent wallcovering and art treatment are the focal point, giving the office inspirational energy  throughout. 


Designed to be warm and invigorating, this space will inspire users and guests to feel cozy and alert while producing meaningful content.

CEO Office Workspace

Soft yet powerful productivity in the CEO's office is the main inspiration for the space. Bring in remaining pops of color through wall art & accessories. 

Training Room

Colorful patterns and textures stimulate confidence and productivity in this attention grabbing training space. An overflow of spiritual connection and enlightenment beams into the office with the incorporation of a semi-private Prayer Nook.

Conferencing & Staff Workspace

Clean, colorful design aesthetics stimulate creativity and productivity in the conference room and staff workspace where flexible functionality is key.

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